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Dr. Gondhane Hospital is a one-stop clinic for the treatment of acne. We offer result-oriented acne treatments by our specialists in Pune. With years of knowledge, experience, and specialization, we offer the best treatments to help you to recover from your acne problems.

Our dermatologists at Dr. Gondhane Skin Clinic carry out a thorough examination of your skin type and the severity of the acne before recommending any treatments for the skin, making us one of the most trusted skincare clinics in Pune. Whether you’re struggling with mild, moderate, or severe acne, we have an effective treatment solution for your skin.

Acne is caused by blockages in the skin follicle, which causes inflammation. People with acne often have blackheads and whiteheads on their faces, chest, and back. Our acne treatment for skin problems in Pune. We provide the safest, best services in the most economical cost.


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What are the common symptoms of Acne?

Clotting of hair follicles.

Small red knots.

Filling of pus in knots.

Big red cyst.

Why Acne Causes

Generally, there are many reasons for acne but diet and lifestyle are the main ones that cause acne. Let's know about them, apart from these two, what are the other reasons. But whatever may be the reason, home remedies are very beneficial.

  • Diet Plan or Diet
  • Acne is transmitted through families, so if any of your mothers or fathers have acne, you will develop acne in your twenties (12-18). It is not essential to treat these pimples; they will heal on their own over time.

Pitta and Kapha dosha predominance-Acne is commonly caused by an imbalance of Pitta and Kapha doshas. These totally unbalanced doshas enter the body and diminish or damage our digestion process, causing food to not be digested properly and the stomach to not be properly maintained. If the stomach is not cleaned properly, the toxins in our bodies do not exist and contaminate the blood. As a result, the pores on the face become clogged.

We provide the safest, best services in the most economical cost. We offer many treatment options as mentioned that serve to address your journey toward healthy skin. Our acne treatment for skin problems in Pune. Book consultation with our skin specialist Dr, Gondhane for Acne Treatment for Acne and Anti-aging, who knows all the medicines that are effective in clearing acne or pimples.


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