Eczema Treatment

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Are you often troubled by itching?

This could be due to eczema. Eczema is a kind of itching, which occurs on our skin. Itching becomes so bad that that part of the skin becomes rough many times, swelling also occurs and bleeding also starts.

Eczema Comes in a Variety of Forms

  • Dyshidrotic eczema
  • It happens as a result of factors both genetic and environmental related to an immune response. It most commonly affects children, but it can also affect adults. The skin is generally dry, with itching primarily in body folds.
    Discoid eczema manifests itself as discrete coin-shaped itchy places or skin on a background of normal skin.

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Symptoms of eczema may include.

Dry skin

Red spots

Itchy skin.

Bumps on the skin

Scaly skin


Scaly patches of skin.



Lack of sleep



What are the exact reason of Eczema ?

The reason behind the occurrence of eczema is not yet known. Eczema can be caused due to some of the following reasons.

The genetic factor behind eczema is considered to be a hereditary factor. That is, if a person in the family has had eczema before, then there is a possibility of its occurrence in future generations. If the person's immune system is not correct then eczema can affect him. All kinds of allergies, bacteria etc. also cause eczema. Sometimes even if your body temperature changes frequently, there is still a possibility of eczema. Women also get eczema due to hormonal changes.

How to diagnose the Eczema ?

Blood test

Skin biopsy

Buccal swab

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